Studeo combines a wealth of musical experience and talent delivered by the two founding  members of this exciting new band Christine and Jeremy.  Whilst they are long time colleagues (married), who came together in the Australian covers band, Casablanca, in the late 70’s, they have joined up once more to build a new band with the goal of writing and recording their own material for a broader global distribution.

Their music base comes from a blending of their past musical working experiences, tastes and influences. They have worked to combine their musical thoughts to present a new direction covering the best of contemporary musical spheres. They write a wide range of material designed to entertain and provide listening pleasure to ensure their fans and audiences thoroughly enjoy the experience.

The initial Studeo EP includes the talents of Russ Zimmer, who co-wrote “Secret Conversations”. Having moved on from Studeo, Russ is now pursuing other opportunities to develop his song writing and recording talents.


Christine Stork                                                                                                           

As a founding member of Casablanca, Chris has developed her vocal style and capability after many years working venues in Australia. She commenced her career with formal vocal training and has matured both in vocal capability and as a performer.


Chris now has the opportunity to showcase her great voice and talent as part of this Studeo outfit. She has contributed to the song writing capability of Studeo with her initial songs “I want to make you mine” and combining with Jeremy on “Don’t want to play  these games”

Chris has contributed further tunes which will be released throughout 2017/2018.


Jeremy Stork   


Jeremy first joined forces in Melbourne rock band Moby Dick in the early 70’s where Jeremy was able to both develop and display his guitar playing talents supporting the major Australian Rock acts of the time such as Skyhooks, Little River Band and AC/DC. Also a founding member of Australian covers band “Casablanca” during the late ‘70s and onwards, Jeremy has been working consistently to build a new brand based on his experience and talents.  

Getting involved in building the repertoire and developing the business side of the band, Jeremy is a keen musician who strives for success and the satisfaction of audiences.             

Playing a major role in song writing for Studeo, Jeremy has written “Running”, and collaborated with Chris on “I wanna make you mine” and “Don’t wanna play these Games” which are all featured on the Studeo EP. Jeremy has also continued to build on his song writing repertoire again with further releases due out this year.