This Time

by Studeo

Released 07/01/2017
Released 07/01/2017
This is Studeo's second EP, "This Time". All songs were written by Studeo (I'm in Danger co-written by Russ Zimmer) during their travels and includes their life and travel experiences with each song telling a story of particular emotions and events.
Studeo's second EP, "This Time", has resulted from the duos life and travel experiences and each song has a story to tell.

- " This time" was written in a friend's (Debbie and Peet) house in Kansas City at 2.00 am in the morning and talks about a bad storm we experienced in Nashville and playing bars along the way back to LA. All in an effort to make it , "This time".

- "Baby it's Me" if you need anything in your life, then "Baby it's me".....

- " Sunset in Corfu" is a very smooth sounding tune and was written on a vacation cruising in the Mediterranean sea.....

- "Time to make a change" talks about the big changes in our life particularly as we get older....

- " I'm in Danger" was written in conjunction with Russ Zimmer and is based on an age old "horror movie theme" of being alone in a lonely hotel on a dark and stormy night.....